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A group of female survivors of breast cancer in Honduras at the initiative of the mastologist Dr. Lía Bueso de Castellanos created the Honduran Foundation for Breast Cancer. FUNHOCAM is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support patients in early detection, quick and effective care, and the comprehensive rehabilitation of women.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of oncological death in women, but if detected early, it is curable in 98% of cases.

1 in 8 women may suffer from Breast Cancer.

The risk of having breast cancer is increasing. A few years ago the risk of suffering from it was 1 in 13. In Honduras, unfortunately, 70% of cases are diagnosed at a late stage.

The relatively high mortality rate among Latinas can be attributed in part to the prevalence of low economic and educational achievement, lack of health insurance, and lack of awareness of breast cancer risks and screening methods. Some women, due to their culture, live without medical attention to face diagnosis of breast cancer.

Most experts agree that age, country of origin, and a family history of breast cancer significantly increase risk. However, the American Cancer Society estimates that 75% of breast cancers occur in women without known high-risk factors.

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