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Become a Volunteer!

Looking to Take Action by Volunteering?

If you dream of contributing your work with helping people suffering from this condition, you are welcome at FUNHOCAM.


  • Being selfless    The volunteer does not pursue any type of benefit or gratification for his help.

  • Being intentional       The volunteer pursues a goal and a positive objective (seeking a change for the better in the situation of the other) and legitimate (the volunteer has sufficient capacity to carry out the help and a certain consent on the part of the other that allows him or her to help him).

  • Estar justificado         Responde a una necesidad real del beneficiario de la misma. It is not a hobby or entertainment without more, but it pursues the satisfaction of a need that we have previously defined as such. Generally, the benefit of the other is sought through personal effort, motivated by something, seeking, as we say, a justified goal.

How do I join the network?

Interested persons should contact the offices of the Honduran Foundation for Breast Cancer at tel. 2221-0935 and the request to be part of the FUNHOCAM volunteer network, which will be sent by mail.


  • To clearly know the role they are going to perform, and their responsibilities.

  • To a training that qualifies them for the functions that they are going to carry out.

  • To an adequate accreditation before third parties.

  • To the non-interference of their activities outside of volunteering.

  • To receive certification of your voluntary participation.

  • To freely cease their volunteer status.

  • To participate in the design, development and evaluation of voluntary actions.


  • Fulfill the commitments acquired and the tasks entrusted.

  • Maintain a positive and friendly attitude towards the public.

  • Comply with schedules, especially in activities facing the public.

  • Attend conferences and training activities.

  • Use accreditation and accredited clothing during the development of their work.

Volunteering Form

If you want to be part of our volunteer network, then please download, fill out, and send us this form.

Thanks for submitting!

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